Who am I

Who am I?

Marcello Bozzo
Marcello BozzoReal Estate Agent
I’m born in Camogli in 1944 and live in Camogli since my birth. Conjugated with two sons. From the first experience of Real estate Management begun in 1965, two years later I have obtained the registration of Professional Real estate agent in the Role N° 88 of the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa (now we exceed N° 2200!).

Since 1967 I have always carried out uninterruptedly the activity of Real estate agent specializing in the area of the Cape of Portofino (Camogli, Recco, Santa Margherita, Portofino, Rapallo, and surroundings) and for the Eastern Riviera, also operating on specific Customer demand as Fiduciary or Mandatory in all Italy and in foreign countries.

Being in the real estate branch from 1965, I’m “the oldest” Agent in the area, with the longest experience in the field.

I have always carried out in the same place my activity with the maximum professional correctness and I never had a single litigation with the Customers due to my office.

Our values

  • My Customer is the lifeblood of my business: I will not make sales at all costs. I will make Customers.
  • I will target the heart of my Customer. Never their wallet.
  • Though I may sell my Customers what they want, I will deliver what they need and make their lives better.
  • Courtesy and Service are cornerstones of my relationship with my Customer.
  • How I treat my Customers will determine the level of My Success.
  • I will view complaints as opportunities … opportunities to create lifelong Customers.
  • Don’t underestimate mistakes: often they are a precondition for success, while every pittance I earn unjustly is a debt of fortune I must repay.
  • My prosperity will come from ‘growing’ people and my best advertisement is their satisfaction.
  • I will guide my business with the perfect blend of heart and mind: making money without making friends isn’t a good business.
  • My reputation is everything. After all, isn’t integrity all I have and all I will be remembered for?

Our agency offers you the best sales opportunities:

  • Search, select and present qualified properties.
  • Collaborate in the search for the best quality – price ratio based on your needs and
  • We help you to choose the best property for you.
  • We provide you with all the useful information on the purchase and management costs of the property.
  • We give you all the complete assistance on the real estate transaction process.
  • We research and presents you the most qualified forms of financing and investment.
  • We present your offers to the seller part on your behalf to achieve the agreement.
  • We draw up and prepare the documents containing all the clauses for a legally and valid purchase, from the Purchase Proposal to the Compromise, insurance, mortgage, cadastral, etc., to act in complete safety, in collaboration with the Notary of your trust.
  • We perform on your behalf the acts resulting from the purchase: bureaucratic formalities, connection of utilities, payment domiciliation, meter reading, technical inspections, etc.
  • We assist you you actively until the final conclusion of the operation and beyond.
    Post – purchase collaboration

Our work does not end with the sale of the house; the preference that the most attentive Clients have granted us in five decades of activity is also due to the experience gained that allows us to provide the customer with collaboration and support for the solution of all the issues concerning the home, for large and small interventions, among which the search for the most experienced, honest and reliable technical staff.

If, after buying, you want to change the interior spaces, renovate or simply furnish your new home, we make use of the collaboration of qualified

  • Engineers and Architects
  • General Surveyors and Construction Site Surveyors
  • Interior Designers
  • Builders and building artisans
  • Electricians and installers for the treatment of the climate
  • Door and gate automation technicians, security systems, armor
  • Garden realization and maintenance
  • Automatic irrigation systems for gardens and terraces
  • Plumbers
  • Painters and house decorators
  • Moving and relocation services
  • Cleaning and domestic assistance
  • Insurance (fire insurance, civil liability, accidents and life)
  • Mortgages and loans for the purchase and restructuring with the major banks.
  • Together with you we will work to find the best solutions to have your home ready as you want, and continue to use for the future of the most qualified and tested professionals.

This consultancy and research service is included in the payment of the commission.

For it no extra is due and required.

Knowing in real time the consistency and the final price of the recent sales in the market,

  • We can actively collaborate with you to find the right price for your property and for its exact evaluation: a property correctly priced is half sold!
  • We will provide you with all the useful information for the best sale of the property.
  • We increase the exposure and advertising of your property by different media at no additional cost.
  • We illustrate the property in the most objective and honest, enhancing its merits but without hiding any defects.
  • We organize the visits at the property in the most appropriate and least importun possible way.
  • We provide you with an immediate report on each visit and the progress of the sale.
  • We search for the most appropriate buyer and provide you with information on the same, negotiate with him at the best by acquiring the most compliant economic conditions up to assist him to sign a Purchase Proposal that will be submitted to you.
  • We assist you in the whole sales process until the successful conclusion of the operation.

We carry out for you all the transactions concerning and consequent of the sale (cancellation at the List of  Property and Communal Tax payers, utilities, administrative duties, etc.).


Collaboration with an Expert is essential.

Seriousness, Confidence and experience are the foundations on which our agency is based, guaranteed by our reputation and years of trasparency!


Through our real estate agency you will enjoy the collaboration of professionals in this field

Our team will be able to face every situation having complete mastery of every juridical, legal, financial aspect of the real estate sales